Tradition Is Nice, but Variety Helps Sales


It may not seem like Christmas is just around the corner, but this year is going by faster than many people expected. You need to stock up on your Christmas sale goods now, before your competitors grab the good inventory. When you buy items like wholesale Christmas crackers early, you get your pick of fun varieties that families across the country will enjoy.

Don't Limit These to Just Snow and Santa Themes

Definitely stock up on the traditional Christmas motifs like snow and Santa, but look for more wrapper designs so that your customers have a choice. Maybe they want a summery Australian Christmas theme, animal designs or even plain but shimmering wraps. Stock up on the typical wrapped-sweet shape, but also consider having more creative shapes available. For example, some manufacturers make crackers with the central chamber shaped like a tree or the end chambers shaped like animals.

Watch Out for Glitter

Whether it's on the wrapper or inside with the prize, glitter can be the worst thing to foist on an unsuspecting recipient. Besides being hard to clean up, glitter can ruin sensitive audio and video equipment. Many items, including cards, have glitter glued to the items' designs, and this glitter can come loose. (The glitter doesn't have to be in massive-cloud formation to cause trouble.) If you have items in stock that contain glitter, please label them. Please also be sure to stock items that don't have glitter in them, and try to keep that area clean. (That can be very difficult when glitter is involved, but do your best.)

Look for Practical (but Fun) Prizes

Prizes in Christmas crackers can range from the silly paper hat to small trinkets. Many manufacturers, however, are now including prizes that can be used well beyond Christmas, such as lipsticks, key rings, and even jewellery. And they aren't the most expensive Christmas crackers, either, so don't assume you shouldn't stock something because you know your customers are on tight budgets. There are some rather nice Christmas cracker prizes available for very reasonable prices.

There's never any real guarantee that your sales will reach this or that level, even during seasons when you know people will be purchasing more. However, having a nice variety of Christmas cracker types available for your customers is certainly an advantage that could influence more people to buy from you, especially after the past couple of years have left people craving fun and nice things.


13 July 2021

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