4 Reasons to Order Custom Branded Crackers for Your Office Christmas Party


There are plenty of things to love about Christmas, and most people would list Christmas crackers as one of their favourite parts of the season. If your business is arranging a Christmas party, you've probably already decided to invest in some crackers, but you might not have thought about ordering custom branded Christmas crackers. They might sound like an odd idea at first, but they come with plenty of compelling benefits.

Here are just four reasons to order custom crackers for your office Christmas party.

1. You Can Reflect Your Business Identity

Generic Christmas crackers are fine, but custom crackers can be perfectly designed to suit your current business branding. You can choose specific colours, add decorative details, choose what each cracker says and even select from various fonts. With your business colours, name and logo reflected in these seasonal favourites, your office Christmas party will instantly feel more unique.

2. You Can Personalize Each One

Since you should already know who is coming to your Christmas party, you have the option to personalize each cracker. Instead of just getting any old cracker, each of your employees can have one printed with their name and even a custom message. That might not seem like a big deal, but it's the sort of detail that can add a little flavour to a Christmas party and let your team know they're appreciated.

3. You Can Impress Potential Clients  

It isn't necessarily just your own employees that will be coming to the Christmas party. You'll sometimes want to invite a few clients, and if you do it's going to help impress them if you have custom branded crackers. That might seem like a small consideration, but it's the type of touch that sets your business apart as something special, and potential clients are likely to remember. Even if no clients actually attend, you can always snap your custom crackers and put the image on social media to gain a little added exposure.

4. You Can Include Your Own Prizes

The first thing most people do after pulling a cracker is look inside for the prize. When you go for custom branded crackers, you can decide exactly what gets put inside. Instead of the same old small plastic comb or miniature screwdriver set, you can include anything from luxury chocolates to miniature bottles of alcohol, or you could brand typical cracker prizes around your business.

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18 May 2020

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